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Mystery Shopping Program Features

Feature ChecklistRetail RealityOthers
Will you provide Mystery Shopper services WITHOUT a minimum
term contract?
Do you have over 12,000 mystery shoppers on your database? check
Can you provide me with customer service results within 24 hours? check
Are all Mystery Shopping surveys and reports available on-line 24/7? check
Are you able to alter Mystery Shopping reports FREE of charge at any time? check
Do you have ENDLESS reporting options? check
Do you provide other research functionality? check
Will you beat competitive quotes? check
Do you provide Mystery Shopping services in Australia and New Zealand? check
Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee on ALL results? check
Do you provide FREE delivery of hard copies? check
Can you run a variety of surveys for one business? check
Do you provide FREE certificates? check
Do you provide benchmarking reports? check

Mystery Shopping Program

We don't just collect data; we build a program to help you use it! By learning about your customers through the Retail Reality Mystery Shopping program you can:
  • Improve your frontline customer service
  • Improve product knowledge
  • Target poor training areas and improve on them
  • Measure your service success on a regular basis

We provide you with the following tools via our program:

  • Face to face shoppers visiting your outlets unannounced
  • Phone mystery shopping
  • Web site shopping
  • Benchmarking tools for your industry
  • 24/7 secure access to the web site and your information.
  • Tailored surveys specific to your business needs
  • A very flexible attitude to work closely with you and to change the program as you need it
  • Ability to run a variety of different surveys at the same time, to allow you to measure and target specific areas of the business
  • Ability to run reports across many brands within a parent company

Tailored reporting and results

At Retail Reality we ensure that you will get exactly the information that you need. We specialise in using technology to give you the services you need to measure and report your Mystery Shopping results. There is no point collecting data if you cannot use it! We ensure each survey is relevant to what your business requires and design a program to do just that. We have an endless list of reports available, these are all on-line or we can email them to you as well as deliver them in hard copy format.

We will input a structure for reporting so that you can view and analyse your results in a way meaningful to your business. You can drill down by group, then state, then region, then local area and then specific outlet.

There is no software to install or anything to buy. Everything is available over the internet and is part of our service to you. There are no "hidden" costs or set up fees.

Coaching Program

Retail Reality believes in recognising and rewarding high performers, this helps motivate the individual or team and encourages higher standards. We have a designed program that does just that, we take the pain out of organising incentives and certificates and we do all this for you.

The Coaching part of the program allows you to see where your strengths and weaknesses are to concentrate on these areas to ensure they only get better. Coaching and rewarding programs only work when they are understood by everyone involved, if your team is excited about it, the results will reflect this. We will provide ongoing communication support that will inform and support your team, it will keep them all motivated with a clear target that must be met.

Our program is very detailed and will be tailored to your exact business needs.

Training and mystery shopping

Retail Reality understands how important it is for all team members to be following correct procedures. We can also design a program that helps capture information based on your in-house training. This will assist by ensuring all team members are following the same guidelines you are setting for your business. It will also help target areas that need further training or those areas that are performing really well.

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