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Retail Reality has been operating since 2001 providing businesses within the service sector information about their stores through the eyes of the customer. The collaboration of the Retail Reality founders has worked for some of Australia´s largest retailers in varied roles from being the out on the shop floor retailer, through to management positions in Supervision, Training, Operations, Buying and Marketing. This has given them great insight into what customers want and what service providers should be offering. Together they have over 40 years of collective retail and service experience. It is this experience that gives their clients the confidence in their ability to produce audits that will give their businesses the knowledge that they require to take their customer service to the next level and in turn increase their bottom line profit.

Behind the scenes our team consists of a variety of roles all of which are filled by people who know the retail and service industries and are passionate about improving service standards in your business.

The most valued part of our team is our extensive field force of Mystery Shoppers and that is why they are employed by Retail Reality. They are not contractors. This means that we are able to invest time to train and develop our shoppers to carry out quality surveys. We ensure that we employ people who have had a background in either customer service, retail or other service industries. We currently have over 10,000 mystery shoppers on our database which enables us to cover all areas of Australia and New Zealand from major cities to remote towns. It also enables you choose the right demographic of shopper to visit your business.

All potential mystery shoppers are given an initial trial survey to complete. From this, we are able to evaluate the employees' suitability to a position in Mystery Shopping with Retail Reality.

A training manual is sent to all employees that have completed the trial successfully and a member of our shopper management team communicates with each new Mystery Shopper individually to provide further training and ensure that they gain full understanding of their role as a Mystery Shopper. Training of mystery shoppers is ongoing and all mystery shoppers are given a performance evaluation after each survey they complete which continually keeps our shoppers focused on providing the information that our clients require.

With every Mystery Shopping assignment that a Mystery Shopper receives, they are also given a comprehensive company brief to communicate the specific needs of the client. This ensures that when entering one of your stores they know exactly what scenario they will be playing out and what they will be looking out for whilst doing this.

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