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Who uses our services?

Mystery shopping is becoming the right way to measure service success for businesses worldwide. To be able to evaluate how your business really performs when you are not there via a "Snap Shot" experience is an extremely valuable tool. This is done via a mystery shopper visiting your store announced and giving you and independent view of what is happening in your outlet, this is an outside view that cannot be replicated internally.

Retail Reality is an Australian Company that services all areas of Australia and New Zealand. No location is "too far or too remote" for us. We have more than one Mystery Shopper in each area, rotating them on a regular basis to maintain the confidentiality of our shoppers. In fact we have a database of over 10,000 shoppers that we access to determine which shopper demographic is best suited to your business.

All mystery shoppers are hand picked for each assignment, this allows you to get the best feedback for your business. All the surveys are assigned, completed and checked via our web program.

We service all types of businesses, whether you have 1 store or 100+ stores. The type of industry you run is also irrelevant; we measure all types of service. Here are some of the industries that use

Mystery Shopping services ...
  • Specialty Retail Stores

  • Fast Food outlets

  • New & Used car dealers

  • Hairdressers & Beauticians

  • Gymnasiums

  • Restaurants & Cafes

  • Hotels & Motels

  • Cinemas

  • Convenience Stores

  • Banks

  • Shopping Centres

  • And many other product or service providers

How often should mystery shopping programs be used?

Many companies utilise mystery shopping services on a regular basis. The frequency is completely up to you, we are very flexible and will work with you to tailor the program to suit your business. Normally this is either monthly or bi-monthly to continually evaluate the level of service being provided by their outlets. This enables management to re-train on any specific areas required, and then re-evaluate the success on the next cycle of assignments. Mystery shopping frequency is often increased for poor performing stores, newly opened stores or following new products or services being introduced.

A routine cycle is normally put into place with each client, and then as the need arises for extra Mystery Shops, these can be arranged with only 48 hours notice.

NO CONTRACTS…. We don´t believe in making you sign a contract to stay with us for a fixed term. We are confident in our own ability and the services we provide and know that once you have experienced them for your self, you won´t want to go any where else!

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