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Frequently Asked Questions

Q    What is Mystery Shopping?

Q    What locations do Retail Reality service

Q    Who uses Mystery Shopping?

Q    Can I be a Mystery Shopper?

Q    What skills do I need to be Mystery Shopper?

Q    Do I need to have internet access?

Q    How far will I need to travel to complete Mystery Shopping Evaluations?

Q    Will my identity be kept confidential?

Q    How much will I get paid?

Q    How much work do I have to do?

Q    How will I be paid?

Q    Do I need a Tax File Number?

Q    Can I hold another job as well as be a Mystery Shopper?

Q    Will I receive a Group Certificate?

Q    How do I become a Mystery Shopper?


Q       What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping, or sometimes known as Secret Shopping is a form of market research that is used to evaluate the service level being provided by retail and service outlets.  This is done through the eyes of a Mystery Shopper who poses as a regular customer and gathers information such as team member performance, the service being provided, merchandising and more.  The survey will target the specific needs of the client.  Mystery shopping is used to seek out and reward good performance, and also identify areas that may require training.

Customer Service Evaluations can be conducted in a number of ways, the most common being visiting the actual retail outlet/store to determine the service being provided.  Other ways include phoning an outlet, completing information on a website and checking response times, visiting stores to do stock checks and many other ways.

Once you have completed an evaluation your findings will need to be entered into a survey which is available on line via our website.

Q       What locations do Retail Reality service?

Retail Reality services all of Australia & New Zealand.  We have provided solutions for companies in all Major cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Auckland & Christchurch and also many rural and remote areas.  We need to have shoppers based everywhere!

Q       Who uses Mystery Shopping?

All business that offer a service or sell a product or manufacture a product may use Mystery Shopping evaluations.  Normally the Head Office of a company will arrange for these evaluations to occur and then they will be used for staff training purposes or to evaluate good or bad performance levels.  The person being mystery shopped will normally get to read the Mystery Shopping survey also.  The program can be used in conjunction with rewards and incentives for the staff being Mystery Shopped.

Q       Can I be a mystery shopper?

Yes, any one, Male or Female, and of any age can be a Mystery Shopper as long as you possess the skills that are required.  if you feel that this job is something that you would be able to do and you have a passion to improve the service levels that are being provided, then complete our application form and give us your details.

Q       What skills do I need to be a mystery shopper?

You need to be reliable and honest first of all. You need to be observant and have a great eye for detail, along with a great memory, as well as have the ability to be objective. You must have good oral & written skills.  Experience in retail or customer service is a requirement.  You need to be reliable and able to meet deadlines and have good computing skills to enter your surveys online.

Q       Do I need to have internet access and email?

Yes, daily internet and email access is required, along with a personal email address.  As we are a Web Based company, we use the mystery shopper login on our website along with email as our primary source of communication between our administration team and our shoppers.  All surveys are given to you via your login, and all surveys are then completed on line also.

Q       How far will I need to travel to complete Mystery Shopping Evaluations?

We will only ask you to Mystery Shop in locations that you have chosen.  The application form contains a list of areas that we currently mystery shop and you are require to choose the locations you would be happy to visit.  So we wouldn’t send you any where that is too far or where you wouldn’t want to go.


Q       Will my identity be kept confidential?

Yes, your personal details and identity will be kept strictly confidential and are only for use within Retail Reality.  Your details would never be shared with any of our clients, and it is imperative that the outlets that you visit never know that you are a Mystery Shopper.

Q       How much will I get paid?

As each survey undertaken will vary in length and content, the mystery shopping evaluations all have different rates of pay.  The average pay for an assignment is between AUD$15.00 - $25.00, however we also have many that pay up to $80.00 for one survey.  Along with this there may be purchases that are required for which we will provide you with a purchase amount.  You may get to keep the items purchased and we will always reimburse you for any purchases we require you to make.

Keep in mind that Mystery Shopping should be looked upon as a source of extra income and should not be relied upon as a regular source of income as it will fluctuate from month to month.

Q       How much work do I have to do?

The frequency of work that you undertake is completely up to you.  There are no minimum amounts of assignments you need to do per month.  We will ask you to choose the number of assignments you would like to complete on a monthly basis, and this is what we will offer to you.  It is then up to you to accept or decline these surveys.  We allow this because we know at times, there are simply other things that you need to do or other commitments that you may have.  The availability of work may also fluctuate each month depending on what our clients require.  Some months you may be asked to complete the amount of stores you have requested per month, but at other times we may have 1 or no surveys for you to complete within a month, it just depends on our work load.

Q       How will I be paid?

All Mystery Shoppers holding an Australian bank account will be paid electronically into their account.  All other Mystery Shoppers will be paid via cheque sent in the mail.

Q       Can I hold another job as well as be a Mystery Shopper?

Yes, this is entirely up to you.  If you think that you can fit Mystery Shopping in with another job, then that is fine with us.

Q       Will I receive a Group Certificate?

No. A Group Certificate will not be issued to our Mystery Shoppers. You will not be taxed.

Q       How do I become a Mystery Shopper?

It is easy… simply fill out our application form.  This is our first source of contact with you and forms an important part of the recruitment process as it will give us an insight into your suitability to be a Mystery Shopper. Therefore it is important that this application form is completed correctly.  Once your application has been received you will receive a confirmation email from Retail Reality.  This will explain that at this stage you have simply applied for a position and as soon as we have suitable positions available in your area you will be contacted and asked to complete a Mystery Shopping trial survey.  Once again, from this survey we are able to determine your suitability to be a Mystery Shopper with Retail Reality.


So if you believe you are the right person to be a Mystery Shopper then complete our online application form NOW!

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